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The starting point of the research question within each thesis can either be a problem or opportunity experienced within a specific organization; a trend experienced in the concurrent time (e.g.

many companies’ desire for improving sustainability); or it can be theory-driven (e.g.

Researching a topic for preparing thesis will definitely increase one’s knowledge and skills in that particular subject and also helps to leads more success in the subject one is doing his masters.

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Also, the student has to write about the changes that are brought in leadership strategy by these two aspects.

One has to list the advantages of having similar characteristics during working in a business environment while preparing the dissertation on the particular topic.There are many more topics to be chosen by the individual according to their interests and one must keep few things in mind while choosing a topic.These are some of the points that should be kept in focus during making a thesis or dissertation report.This page provides additional information, including departmental guidelines, forms, and formatting templates, specifically designed for graduate students in the business and management department.Theses in this versatile area span from topics in corporate finance and financial strategy to topics in financial economics and international finance.It is normally submitted by a candidate to the university on the topic one chooses.Some evidence can also be shared by the individual during the research to prove one’s theory. as we have discussed earlier in our previous article the best possible ways to select a dissertation topic, there are various topics available for preparing a dissertation.A special focus is put on providing support to the students to deliver a thorough academic study.This can be attained by emphasizing existing literature, identifying potential gaps and contribution, utilizing the appropriate methods of analysis and by presenting results under the prism of potential policy (or other) implications.Methodology-wise, research in the area of marketing is by nature empirical, therefore each thesis must include primary data collection with quantitative (e.g., survey) or qualitative (e.g., focus group) research designs.MBA-theses contribute both to academic knowledge and practical application in a chosen area relevant for the MBA program.


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