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Building on the general and specific purpose statements you formulate, you will create an outline for your oral presentation.

Through this chapter, you will become more knowledgeable about the process of creating a speech and gain confidence in your organizational abilities.

Preparation becomes especially paramount when the element of unknown is present, forcing us to improvise.

One mistake or misquote can and will be quickly rebroadcast, creating lasting damage.

You will be judged on how well you present yourself, so take the time when available to prepare.

Now that you are concerned with getting started and preparing a speech for work or class, let’s consider the first step.Effective business communicators have excellent communication skills that can be learned through experience and practice.In this chapter we will work together to develop your skills in preparing clear and concise messages to reach your target audience.Have you traveled to a different city, state, or country?Do you have any projects in other classes you find interesting? Choose your three favorite categories from the list above and circle them.Consider the depth, scope, and amount of information available on the topic you have in mind.In business situations, speeches or presentations vary greatly in length, but most often the speaker needs to get the message across as quickly as possible—for example, in less than five minutes.Make sure you keep track of who likes which category.Mark Twain makes a valid point that presentations require preparation.Once you have determined your general purpose—or had it determined for you, if this is an assigned speech—you will still need to write your specific purpose.What specifically are you going to inform, persuade, demonstrate, or entertain your audience with? A clear goal makes it much easier to develop an effective speech.


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