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Are you reading a secondary source where someone else has analyzed a primary source, instead of letting the primary source speak for itself?In many cases, particularly if that person analyzing the source is an expert, that’s not a problem.

Anthony was the second of eight children, she was born on February 15, 1820, in Adams, Massachusetts.

Her father Daniel, was a respected Quaker, who owned a mill and factory.

Using primary sources in your research allows you to back up your thesis statement with your own argument, because the information within primary sources has not been affected by another person’s point of view or opinion.

Primary sources can also help you better understand the point of view of people who experienced an event or time period.

Anthony would not allow Stanton to sit by and do nothing, she was always pushing Stanton to write one more speech.

Start your archival research for National History Day 2018-2019: Triumph and Tragedy with this guide. In 1869, Anthony and Stanton formed the National Woman Suffrage Association. Together they edited and published a woman's newspaper, the Revolution, from 1868 to 1870.He was also a reformer, who made sure that his daughters as well as his sons had excellent educations.Susan grew up in a culture that permitted women to freely express themselves. In 1848, after ten years of teaching, Anthony began her reform career as a temperance activist.Anthony quickly picked up on Stanton's incredible knowledge of politics and philosophy.Stanton was also very motivated by Anthony's thoughtful critiques of her ideas.She joined the Daughters of Temperance in 1848, left teaching in 1849, and soon became a recognized temperance leader in New York.Through temperance, she was able to encourage women to seek legal solutions to protect their families from the poverty and violence caused by their husbands' alcohol abuse.Since they give a broad overview of information, you should not use them as sources to directly answer your hypothesis.A newspaper article that is written close to the time of the event and includes interviews, transcripts, eyewitness accounts or raw data would be considered a primary source.


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