Thesis Statement On Parents And Trust

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It is therefore better if these classes are made mandatory for all parents since the government has no means of determining in advance which parents will specifically struggle in raising his/her child.

For the betterment of the society at large, a ..Louisa are seldom allowed to indulge in extracurricular activities, get any grade other than an A, and be able to master musical instruments at a young age.

Nevertheless, a lot of queries might be brought up as to whether it is logical for parents to be left to raise their children without any interference given that there has been an increase in vices such as substance abuse, bulling and sometimes fatal fights.

For new parents and those who have trouble when it comes to raising their children, parenting classes are a potential solution to helping them.

These support systems include; arrangements for parental leave, nursery care that is free and payments for child support.

Casey and Kirby (2006) also raise the contention that preventive and proactive action brings about the best outcomes as opposed waiting to deal with the problems after they arise.According to Casey and Kirby (2006), in matters regarding the bringing up of its future citizens, the government has a firm financial, practical and moral concern.This is the reason why most democracies that are liberalist in nature extend pricey and broad child support systems in order to assist parents in the upbringing of young individuals who will turn out to be respectful, responsible, active and upright members of the society.Doward (2006) argues that making parenting classes mandatory would in a great way aid in the prioritization of the children’s best interests without putting a restriction on the educational choices of these parents.This is because it might not be possible to put into place supervisory or legal systems that would provide encouragement to parents to take better care of their children.The structured scope also aids administration of learning processes and therefore facilitates achievement of learning objectives because the learning process, learners, and educators all exist in the same physical environment.Traditional class also offers a “more personal relationship” between learners and their instructors.The successfulness and cohesiveness of the next generations could be ensured by the implementation of mandatory parenting classes hence raising parenting standards for the benefit of current and future generations.If all parents attended government parenting classes, children’s rights to getting quality parenting will be upheld.Contemporary families are living under high pressure of various stresses.Often both of parents should work to provide proper way of living for their family, and children are those who suffer from such state of affairs most of all.


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