Thesis Statement In Parallel Form

Thesis Statement In Parallel Form-9
Parallel structure is vital in your writing in order to produce a piece of work with clarity and readability.

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' What about the certain rhythm that his word choice presents?

These techniques are what make this quote a great example of parallel structure.

One of the easiest and most effective proofreading techniques is to simply read a piece of writing out loud.

Hearing the flow of the sentence structure oftentimes reveals a lack of continuity in writing, and an error in parallel structure may be to blame.

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While reading aloud, do you hear the same kinds of sounds?

For example, if there is a series of verbs, are they all in same tense?

There are two reasons it is important to maintain parallelism in a series: “The computer’s ability to usability improved” is a grammatically incorrect sentence because all words following the phrase “the computer’s ability” must be verbs, but “usability” is a noun.

By maintaining a parallel structure, you will avoid grammatically incorrect sentences containing lists.


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