Thesis Proposal Evaluation Criteria

The rigor and depth of the selection process should be matched to the decision being made, with comparative rankings being suitable for early-stage research support and extensive quantification being required for multi-billion-dollar construction commitments.Potential Users Many stakeholders are involved with landside transport of ocean containers.

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The research team identified four generic types of decisions that might be made regarding alternative container transport systems: • Support for research and development. The general scale of financial commitment rises roughly a thousand-fold, from thousands of dollars in research support to millions of dollars for demonstrations to billions of dollars for construction.

• Readiness for incorporation or anticipation in other projects. The complexity and rigor of the evaluation method should rise accordingly.

49 Overview Objectives The research team developed the following specific objectives for evaluation method development: • The process must consider the goal being pursued and the scope and nature of the decision being made.

• The method should guide evaluations of potential alternative container transport systems— both in the abstract and in specific port and terminal applications.

• Motor carriers, ocean carriers, terminal operators, importers, exporters, and other container shipping industry participants.

• National, state, and regional transportation planners and officials. • Researchers at national laboratories and higher-education institutions.

The purpose may be expressed as a problem to be solved, specific realistic objectives to be achieved, or an advantageous direction in which to progress. Given the current (2014) state of technological readiness and system development, evaluation of advanced fixed-guideway systems is largely at the “wish list” stage. The nature and depth of the analysis varies from pass/fail screening against minimum criteria to sophisticated monetization of otherwise disparate performance factors.

C H A P T E R 4 Proposed Evaluation Method 50 Evaluating Alternatives for Landside Transport of Ocean Containers • Evaluating and choosing.

• The method should recognize that the no-project scenario is not static.

• The process must consider uncertainty and risk. All the approaches considered in this study share some steps: • Setting goals. The list of criteria can range from a conceptual “wish list” to a set of weighted performance criteria with technical metrics.


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