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Consumers should notice a reduction in the number of telemarketing calls they get within 31 days after placing a number on the registry.

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Therefore, carefully read any questionnaires or surveys you submit; they may be an attempt to establish a business relationship.

Also be careful to read anything you sign, such as sweepstakes forms or requests for “free” products; they may be attempts to get your written permission.

The TSR prohibits deceptive and abusive telemarketing acts and practices and sets forth standards of conduct for telemarketing calls: In addition to creating the National Do Not Call Registry, the amended TSR: Restricts unauthorized billing.

Before submitting your billing information for payment, telemarketers must get your express informed consent to be charged — and to charge to a specific account.

The company must honor your request, regardless of any prior written permission.

And if you don’t put your number on the national registry, you still can prohibit individual telemarketers from calling, by asking each to put you on their company’s do not call list.

If you place your number on the national registry, you still can give written permission for particular companies to call you.

Alternately, if you have an established business relationship, you still can ask the company not to call you.

One more important point: Although callers soliciting charitable contributions do not have to search the national registry, a for-profit telemarketer calling on behalf of a charitable organization must honor your request not to receive calls on behalf of that charity.

Are there other protections against unwanted telemarketing calls?


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