Thesis On Stress Analysis

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The tool can generate the shear, moment, and deflection diagram of a single span or multi-span beam in less than 10 seconds for any combination of edge constraints and applied loads, as well as output the reaction force at each support.

The tool can also analyze beams that change material or shape after reaching a support to account for changes in longer beams across the airframe.

Two computer programs have been developed for the analysis of platesand slabs.

Ihe first program is for the elastic stability ofplates.

A new integration rule has been proposed for theintegration of stress distributions through cracked concretesections or cracked and crushed concrete sections.

This thesis, by Nanette South Clark, was presented to the Department of Civil Engineering at Idaho State University in December 2005.

It features ten chapters, figures and tables discussing the history of thin-shell and Monolithic Domes, shell theory, finite element analysis, comparisons of shell theories and a buckling analysis.

Figure 9-14 from thesis: Controlling Buckling Eigenvalue λ = 141 for 101.5 ft.

The elastic buckling loads obtained for plates with andwithout openings and under different edge loading conditions havebeen compared with the analytical and numerical results obtained byother investigators using different techniques of analyses.

Goodcorrelation between the results obtained and those given by othershas been achieved.


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