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Your customers might have forgotten about it entirely, or they could confuse it with another experience.And last but not least: To send an email survey, you must first know their emails. With an in-app survey, the questions are asked while the visitor is on the website or in the app, instead of after the service or via email. "how would you rate our service" – or it could be a couple of questions. Survey Monkey offers some great tools for implementing something like this on your website.

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Instead of delighting our customers, so the authors argue, we should make it as easy as possible for them to have their problems solved.

That’s what they found had the biggest positive impact on the customer experience , and what they propose measuring.

It consists of hiring an "undercover customer" to test your service quality – or putting on a fake moustache and going yourself, of course.

The undercover agent then assesses the service based on a number of criteria, for example those provided by SERVQUAL.

That’d be terribly annoying in a post-service rating.

It also provides a more holistic overview of your service.Different scales can be used for the post service rating. There’s possible ambiguity here, though, because cultures differ in how they rate their experiences .People from individualistic cultures, for example, tend to choose the extreme sides of the scale much more often than those from collectivistic cultures.The customers make their rating, perhaps share some explanatory feedback, and close the chat. The service rep asks whether you’re satisfied with her service delivery, or you’re asked to stay on the line to complete an automatic survey.The latter version is so annoying, though, that it kind of destroys the entire service experience.You can find an example of a SERVQUAL questionnaire here .This is a popular technique used for retail stores, hotels, and restaurants, but works for any other service as well.Instead of a case-by-case assessment, the follow-up survey measures your customers’ overall opinion of your service.It’s also a useful technique if you didn’t have the post service rating in place yet and want a quick overview of the state of your service quality. Such as the fact that the average inbox already looks more like a jungle than a French garden.In it, they argue that while many companies aim to "delight" the customer – to exceed service expectations – it’s more likely for a customer to punish companies for bad service than it is for them to reward companies for good service .While the costs of exceeding service expectations are high, they show that the payoffs are marginal.


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