Thesis On Human Resource Management In Hotel

Due to several factors like globalization and internalization of the businesses, this has increased the focus of many authors to write about importance of culture and realize that removing the cultural difference will enable the company to improve the performance.

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The study’s objective is to capture differences on the variety of methods and tools used, the way they are implemented and the level of effectiveness in this implementation.

Likewise many businesses and industry, the hospitality industry has also realized the fact that employees are the most important asset of the organization.

Especially in hotel business, having a good, qualified and hardworking workforce can distinguish between which hotel is good and which is bad.

The most important task for the HR manager is to get the most appropriate people for particular task, since in hotel industry, many workers tend to just participate in the work, as they think that there is nothing else to do, whereas hotel services require proactive employees which can make decision on the spot and can satisfy the customer query in time (Brotherton, 2003).

This report will also discuss the issues that are related with the HR manager in terms of managing the different tasks in the hospitality industry, but the most important task of the HR manager is to retain the highest quality employees, the main problem in doing this duty is the fact that many of the people do not want use this industry as the ending career, therefore the employee turnover in the hospitality industry is relatively much higher than other industry (Albercht, 2001).


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