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I am going to present the idea of my thesis in a hackathon (startup competition), so most probably, we will make a team and develop a minimum viable product based on my thesis.

The question is: Can I mention to this minimum viable product as the validation of my thesis?

Success in the examination appears to be the right thing; the dishonest way to achieve it becomes misty and unclear.

A pinch of guilt may stick in the throat but it easily gets swallowed with the success.

They become the end rather than the means; then begins the struggle to get through at any cost.

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The active human brain comes up with strategies that make the paths easier. To cheat means to get something by using dishonest means.

According to Mc Cabe D., cheating is more common in higher education and professional colleges. Kevin Curran has pointed out that the traditional methods of detection cannot be successful in preventing cheating in this age of technology.

In a survey it was found that 85% of college students said cheating was necessary to get ahead. Children must be guided all along the way so that they have clear ideas about ambitions, achievements and happiness.

Hence, cheating in examinations is cheating themselves. At middle school or high school, peer pressure plays an important role.

A student who refuses to help a friend in the examination may be rejected by his peers. Students nowadays resort to technology for cheating.


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