Thesis Of Smoking Cigarettes

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This may be interpreted as an acute endothelial stress caused by nicotine.

Furthermore, inhaled nicotine is linked to increases in arterial stiffness, which is chronically altered in daily snus users.

In summary, we demonstrate that the nicotine content in combustion-free nicotine delivering products may alter vascular function.

E-cigarettes and snus should therefore not be considered as harmless recreational products. Mobarrez F, Antoniewicz L, Bosson JA, Kuhl J, Pisetsky DS, Lundbäck M. Fulltext (DOI) Pubmed View record in Web of Science® II.

Snus users had significantly higher arterial stiffness as well as impaired endothelial function, i.e.

decreased forearm blood flow upon glyceryl tri-nitrate infusion.

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Antoniewicz L, Brynedal A, Hedman L, Lundbäck M, Bosson JA. Chronic snus use in healthy males increases arterial stiffness and alters endothelial function.

Acute effects of electronic cigarette vapor on the vasculature and the conducting airways.


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