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In fact, Jo's character is a near replication of Alcott herself.This makes the novel all the more interesting and personal, with the author speaking directly through the protagonist.The conflict of poverty doesn’t usually cause problems for the whole community, but mainly affects the March Girls and their jealousy of others....

This was a very sad book at the end when Beth dies.

The four main characters are Meg, Jo, Amy and Beth the story centers around the four girls and the life they have during the time they are growing up.

[tags: Louisa May Alcott, Little Women] - The Power of Love in Little Women "Truly, love does work miracles!

" (335) The March family portrayed in Louisa May Alcott's Little Women, was the classic American family.

A person may say their home, car, children, material items and some may even say family.

In the book Little Women (1868-1869) written by Louisa May Alcott illustrates several family values.- The connotation of the word “little” in Louisa May Alcott’s infamous novel, Little Women, has been a very controversial topic.Many critics argue the point that “little” has a negative connotation that diminishes women and therefore Alcott’s book is encouraging women to become little.Because of these beliefs, her father spent most of his time promoting the cause.... Davis, Amy’s teacher whips hers on her hand for bringing pickled limes to school, she grows paranoid of the situation and so do all her sisters. [tags: symbolism, poverty, religion] - Louisa May Alcott was said to be “the pioneer in the delineation of sprightly young-girl life, brim full of animal spirits, yet overflowing with a desire to be true and brave and helpful”(Delamar).As a classic, inspiring author, Alcott is best known for her novels concerning poverty and family struggles to overcome obstacles, and female independence.Alcott writes the novel from third person limited point of view, focusing chiefly on Josephine March.She develops the characters brilliantly throughout the entire work, especially the March girls....We identify better with characters who are more like us--neither completely good nor bad.Meg, Jo and Amy March in Alcott’s Little Women do not flatly portray complete good or complete evil, but their realistic dual natures increase their believability and...The story of the March family starts out during the civil war in New England.The family is left to survive on their own because their father went to protect his country.


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