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Research topics about immigration are variable: you can touch upon the history of the process, its advantages, and disadvantages, causes and reasons, its influence on the society, the illegal aspect of the process, legislation and the financial costs, problems met by immigrants and much more.Nowadays migration is a global issue from the point of view of economic and business.

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Section IV will compare the racial profiling surrounding stop-and-frisk laws with that stemming from S. 1070, and argue that despite the decision to no longer enforce section 2(B), racial profiling against immigrants in Arizona will continue at a high rate, just as it does against African Americans in New York City.

Finally, Section V will offer possible remedies to deal with the racial profiling that occurs despite laws like S. 1070 and stop-and-frisk programs that are intended and designed to stop a problem, but do not always have that desired effect.

You may study the information more carefully and reveal it in a separate why do immigrants come to America essay.

When speaking of the influence of immigration, we should mention that the research paper about modern immigration and crime holds leading positions among educational assignments.

The reasons for this search may be variable, persecution and discrimination based on religion, race, nationality, political views or social status are among them.

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Official dangers, like war, are imposed on people as well as unofficial, like criminal activity.

are common for immigration, and they may be seasonal as well as permanent.

People often move from the poor developing countries into rich areas with more job and earning opportunities.

The individuals thus try to acquire better prospects for their families and themselves.

It can, for instance, be sending children to a better educational establishment or getting a job not only with a satisfactory salary, but the one, which guarantees additional paybacks and career growth.


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