Thesis Graffiti Art

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Graffiti has played a role in things like motion graphics and communications design.

Walk into any big name advertising agency and you will meet people who have a street culture background.

hey i think we can agree if a city commisions 'graffiti' for a blank wall it's different than the hack kids who tagged the building across from me.

and, speaking of corb and graffiti, this is for 1-post I have two thoughts about graffiti and architecture: First, in relation to Robert Smithson's concept of entropy, look at Bernard Tschumi's account of his visit to Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye in Architecture and Transgression (1976) in which he finds a sort of pleasure/transcendence in its state of decay: “Stinking of urine, smeared with excrement and covered with obscene graffiti..Villa Savoye was never so moving as when the plaster fell off its concrete blocks.” A second, more contemporary thought is about a growing trend of guerilla artists creating non-permanent "digital graffiti" via digital projections and using the facades of building as a surface for projecting political statements and art installations. I think graffiti is about making a disruptive statement in a counter-cultural manner (really like that term).

The creative class has basically digested spraypaint graffiti.

I'm willing to bet that Frac's examples are gang graffiti, or the shenanigans of a few underclass middle schoolers. Google(); req('single_work'); $('.js-splash-single-step-signup-download-button').one('click', function(e){ req_and_ready('single_work', function() ); new c. Hey everyone, I am looking for some help out there, anything and everything in relation will help. But I've come to think this topic sounds much more provocative than it actually is.The painted walls of San Bartolo are, in my humble opinion, history's most bad ass murals (There are many other painted walls that were, are, and will continue to be enjoyed by millions of people (all the while millions have, are, and will continue to remain ignorant to the existence of these and other countless painted walls).) Yeah, with all this irony it is difficult not to get Po Mo about graffiti.This video relates to a link metal posted (ITN architects), and maybe to what intotheloop is referring to.Please let me put up an example about how "Graffiti" and architecture will wotk perfect together ; Image you move from a flat into a new.Then the last thing you do in your old flat is to paint over your Murals, in your new flat, the first thing you do is to put up the Arts Stencils you bought becaurse they are cheaper than a modern painting even more expensive than a Poster, but the Stencil are bigger than a tradisional oil painting it is numbered and yours, --- You spray it yourself with Graffiti Spraypaint and in 20 years, the big Stencil is still perfect -- it just replaced the tradisional oil painting eith a wall painting. You guy's are realy funny, first you reject building methods that profit from the computers calculating potential to slice a buildable structure out of the Solids _some_ of you can maneage and want to stay with building methods and aproaches towerds the structure as it was "modern" a hundred years ago, -- shape modern wonders with oldfasion technikes and use bullying to keep more visionary away, and now you reject the art to unfold with new inspiration just it remind you that modern world are different than how the old Dutch painters illustrated life..You keep talking about "Graffiti" as if that will ever evolve, you don't even mention that the most skilled og Graffiti long ago went into Streetart and in your critic you forget how each and every painter today, are So inspired" by Graffiti.


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