Thesis For A Compare And Contrast Essay

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Table Of Contents A compare and contrast essay is designed to see the links between two different theories or ideas.

Comparing will be looking at what's similar, and contrasting will be looking at what's different between the two.

Remember that your two subjects must be different, but still in the same ballpark, to create a meaningful compare-and-contrast essay.

For example, if you want to write about two different historical figures, it makes sense to choose two great artists rather than an artist and a politician.

In this case, your first body paragraph(s) might read: “The male and female brain are alike and both men and women perform better when they feel appreciated and valued.” Choose a structure that makes sense for your argument.

Craft an outline that fits the structure you have chosen.Simply create two overlapping circles, one for each of the topics that you are comparing.Traits that differ are noted separately, within those that they share are written in the overlapping space.Examples: Make two lists: one list of similarities, and another of differences.If you are a visual person, a Venn diagram can facilitate this process.Remember, make sure you do your research, and take your time writing. Simply put, it is an essay evaluating the similarities and differences between two subjects.For example, you could be described to compare and contrast Tesla and Edison.Here are some examples of compare and contrast essays that you can try writing: Give them a try, and hone your essay writing skills.You can also go point by point throughout the essay.In this case, your first body paragraph might state: “While men may not always show compassion for the problems of others, they are usually more likely to actually do something to fix these problems.” You could also on similarities first, and then differences.


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