Thesis Examples For Research Papers

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I wouldn’t want you to get in trouble if your teacher did a copy/find Google maneuver on you! Vaccinations against diseases such as polio, rubella, and mumps should be mandatory for all U. children who wish to attend school as these vaccinations are critical to the control and eradication of deadly infectious diseases.

Inspired by this sample essay on government surveillance.

With these conclusions you'll be able to determine the causes and reasons related to your hypothesis.

The utmost important part of the research paper is a well written thesis statement within the introduction.

This is not a problem if you cannot compose a hypothesis the first time.

If you have some troubles with writing a hypothesis statement, you should follow few steps to make it easier.You should convince the reader that your essay is worth for reading because it provides new information and fresh ideas.Therefore, the statement should be reliable and the arguments should be brief and engaging.Don’t write:“Secondhand smoke is bad and can cause heart disease and cancer; therefore, smoking should be outlawed in public places, but outlawing smoking is unfair to smokers so maybe non-smokers can just hold their breath or wear masks around smokers instead.”A wishy-washy statement like this will make your reader scratch his head in puzzlement. The reader will wonder how the author plans to defend them.(“Famine, war, and global warming can be easily avoided on Mars?Feel free to customize them for use in your own argumentative essay.As you read the following examples, be careful not to use these thesis statements word-for-word.Government surveillance programs, such as PRISM, should be banned because they invade civil liberties, lead innocent people to suffer unfair punishments, and ultimately fail to protect the citizens that they are designed to safeguard. Organ donors should be financially compensated to increase the supply of available organs and, at the same time, to decrease profitable, illegal organ-harvesting activities in the black market. media depicts the traditional family as comprising a mother, father, and children; however, this notion of the traditional family is outdated and can be harmful to children who look to this as the gold standard. Crippling student debt is stifling the growth of the U. economy because it inhibits graduates from being able to spend money on consumer goods and home purchases.Inspired by this sample essay on technology dependence. Inspired by this sample essay on legalizing marijuana.Go on…”) Looking for even more help understanding the key components of a strong thesis statement?Check out these posts: Below are 15 debatable, supportable, and focused thesis statements for you to learn from.


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