Thesis Electronic Medical Records

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The hybrid method used by some practices has lead to malpractice claims because a patient’s information was lost and caused something serious to happen to them, all because they didn’t have the information or they didn’t have the right information.

Another downfall is that some Electronic Health Records systems can’t communicate with each other, so information still has be faxed over.

For example, although you might think they have all of your information in their computer but in most cases there are things missing.

Some of this information might not mean much to diagnosing you but if something very important is left out it can kill you.

If they decide to use Electronic Health Records, then they need to have one system that can store all of the information and that they can share with other systems and make sure they keep up to date records of all patients.

It is well known that major efforts are currently under way in the US, UK, and other countries to construct entirely new systems for the management of electronic medical records.

Sixty-three percent of the private physicians who adopted EHR reported using the Result Management and Order Management functions.

The public physicians who had adopted EHR reported they were not utilizing the Decision Support, Result Management, and Order Management functions.

There is also bad things that can happen with paperwork as well, it gets lost or misfiled and that is information that is important that is just gone.

The increase of Electronic Health Records has lead to less paper records but some places use a hybrid of the two, which can lead to lost information.


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