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Depending on the school and course of study, this could be either a Bachelor of Architecture (B. While it may not seem important at first, in retrospect it will probably be a major factor. In such a program, after five years of study, students are awarded with a professional degree in architecture. This is not something that will be spelled out in the school's literature, but will be more or less apparent in the lists of classes offered and the study areas of the faculty.

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Arch.) is a professional degree in architecture, qualifying the graduate to move through the various stages of professional accreditation (internship, exams) that result in receiving a license. degrees vary in kind, so they are frequently given names such as "M. An architectural thesis is the culmination of a student’s research.

The degree is earned through several possible paths of study, depending on both a particular program's construction, and the candidate's previous academic experience and degrees. Submission of the thesis represents the completion of the final requirement for the degree and may be presented as graphic representations, a written work, or physical forms.

It is worth noting that there is another route to becoming an architect: the continuous 5-year professional degree program. Architectural schools usually, by virtue of the history of the school and the interests of the faculty, will approach the instruction of architecture from a technical, historical, or artistic bent—or a combination thereof.

Including study at the bachelor's and master's level, these tracks range up to 7.5 years in duration. Important to consider in choosing the school(s) for an architectural education is their overall "focus".

Students challenge preconceptions and defaults in order to reconsider the intertwining intellectual, intuitive and physical factors involved in architecture.

Brown University students who complete a four-year undergraduate degree in Architecture Studies have the opportunity to integrate the humanities with an intensive design studio education through RISD's two-year advanced standing track master's program.

Here, architecture is taught in a way that understands the practice of design and making as a thoughtful, reflective process that both engenders and draws from social, political, material, technological and cultural agendas.

The program aims to empower students to exercise their creativity by understanding their role as cultural creators and equipping them to succeed in the client-based practice of architecture.

The three-year curriculum builds on fundamental areas underpinning the creative practice of architecture: representation and fabrication; technologies and professional ethics; history and theory; and design and the process of projecting architecture.

Throughout the program, ideas are expressed not only discursively but through actual production.


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