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The interview data was transcribed and opened coded, utilizing constant comparison to identify common themes.Themes emerged in four topical areas: (a) patient experience of hospitalization, (b) AIDET, (c) Hourly Rounding, and (d) unexpected findings. Advanced practice providers, also referred to as nurse practitioners and physician assistants, are increasingly being employed to function in a variety of healthcare settings.Despite the high labor costs associated with direct and continuous observation, this intervention is routinely deployed by frontline care teams in an effort to preserve patients from harm, particularly from accidental falls.

The purpose of the project was to decrease nursing burnout on a Medical Progressive Care Unit (MPCU) by moving patients with high workloads and medical instability to a higher level of care.

Within this project, Rosabeth Kanter’s Theory of Structural Power was used for the theoretical framework, and the Stetler Model guided the implementation. The financial constraints imposed upon operational budgets by the frequent use of patient care sitters is well known among hospital leadership.

The purpose of this EBP project was to (a) implement a patient acuity tool in the hospital unit, (b) assess its effectiveness in appropriating nursing shift assignments, and (c) evaluate its effect on nursing job satisfaction.

The Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) Model was used as a guide to facilitate the transition of the best evidence into practice. Quantitative evidence links patient satisfaction scores to the use of communication strategies such as AIDET (Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation, and Thank you) and Hourly Rounding.

This quality improvement (QI) project implemented a non-psychiatric sitter reduction and fall prevention initiative in two high volume adult acute care ...

Changes in reimbursement make it imperative for nurse managers to develop tools and methods to assist them to stay within budget.The application of grounded theory was the conduit to theory development in this study.The intent was to explore nurse manager, educator, preceptor, and new graduates’ perceptions of workplace readiness for new graduates entering an Intensive Care Unit.Challenges in the healthcare industry, including nursing shortages and low nursing retention, have resulted in nurses’ job dissatisfaction.Improving work environment and workload can lead to improved and equitable nursing shift assignments, which may improve nursing job satisfaction.The 45-item questionnaire rates the participant's leadership style based on the answers provided. In May 2015, an electronic health record (EHR) was implemented at an urban, long-term care facility.This facility is part of the county Department of Public Health (DPH) and was one of the last locations to implement the designated EHR system.The unique nature of the facility compared to the smaller, health care centers within the DPH network necessitated development of a customized training and onboarding program for new employees.It was not possible to duplicate an existing training program.As organizations grow their advanced practice provider staff, they must develop a distinct advanced practice provider orientation and onboarding program.Finding the right staff is only half the battle; if you do not orient and onboard staff properly the will not stay (National Systems Contractors Associations [NSCA], 2017).


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