Thesis About Motivation In Learning English

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The extrinsic motivation is motivation which is engaged in an activity as a means to an end.

Individuals who have extrinsic motivation work on tasks because they believe that participant will result in desirable outcomes such as a reward, teacher praise, or avoidance of punishment (Pintrich & Schunk, 1996).

The traditional ways for learning a second language usually involve some systematic approach to the detailed study of grammar and memorization of vocabulary. According to Krashen’s Input Hypothesis, the teacher should provide students with optimal input, which is authentic, interesting and relevant.

Because to some extent, we can say the quality and amount of input determines the success or failure in SLA.

This is what Gardner and Lambert (1972) defined as integrative motivation and instrumental motivation.

Specifically, integrative motivation is the desire to participate in the activities of the target language community and develop in their language (Gardner, 2001).

Teachers should try every means to better initiate students’ motivation and bring their motivation to a full range in the classroom of language.

It begins provides a definition of motivation and factors that affect motivation, then with a description of a current English class in China, and concludes with recommendations for motivating Chinese students to learn English as a second language.

Specifically, for language learning motivation can be understood as learners’ orientation with regard to the goal of learning a second language.

As Wilkins (1972) points out that "motivation is a term which occurs in discussion of the second rather than the first language learning".


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