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Huck faces a dilemma whether to protect Jim or hand him over to his master.He overcomes his own self interest and society’s belief in the 19th century that God authorizes slavery and decides to protect him.Mark Twain uses the occasion to portray how foolish and illiterate Jim is.

Huck faces a dilemma whether to protect Jim or hand him over to his master.He overcomes his own self interest and society’s belief in the 19th century that God authorizes slavery and decides to protect him.Mark Twain uses the occasion to portray how foolish and illiterate Jim is.

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Moreover, some of words which the author uses are intended to insult black people. For colored people , it is a horrible word to hear because ‘a nigger’ is lower than dirt. He just wants to depict Jim as a slave who is a good nigger.

Another instance from the story where racism is portrayed is when Jim and Huck wonder why Frenchman talk funny.

Moreover, when people read Mark Twain’s book and see how easily Shakespeare’s world renowned plays can be mocked at, they might think that Mark Twain is much better than Shakespeare. Aunt Sally then says “Well its lucky; because sometimes people do get hurt.” Twain, Mark. Moreover, Huck and Jim become close friends during their journey down the Mississippi river.

Mark Twain in his 32 chapter talks about a boating accident. But it doesn’t change Huck’s approach towards blacks.

The novel has generated lots of controversies in United States “In certain Southern states, the novel was banned due to its extensive criticism of the hypocrisy of slavery. Slaves are look like fools in several occasions in the novel.

Others have argued that the novel is racist due to the many appearances of the word “nigger.” (About the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Critique argue that it was written with an intention to humiliate black population of America.

So, it is very clear that author doesn’t want to change how white people feel about blacks though the main theme of story deals with the strong relationship between a white man and a runaway slave. This is to make Jim look like foolish and very illiterate.

In the entire story, whenever the fugitive slave, Jim speaks, it is very difficult to understand. Mark Twain reiterates the point that blacks are not as smart as white people by making his black characters look unintelligent and illiterate.

Though he decides to protect the runaway slave, he feels that he will go to hell.

Nevertheless, he rises above his self interest and upbringings and decides to value necessary human bonds of trust beyond his own selfishness.


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