Thematic Essay On Confucianism

Thematic Essay On Confucianism-11
Imaginary actually represents to the greatest extent the designer’s personal emotion, philosophical experience and image association.

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In the Pre-Qin Period, Chinese culture was in a varying form of “a contention of 100 schools”, and Confucianism was only one of the schools, but after Emperor Wu of Han adopted Dong Zhongshu’s suggestion to “outcast 100 schools and focus only on Confucianism”, Confucianism has become the orthodox representation of Chinese culture, having deep influence on the development of culture in China.

The art of Chinese garden has a rich theme of ideas and a subtle imaginary, because of the rich aesthetic ideas associated with Chinese gardens and the profound Chinese traditional culture. The answer is: a good garden is somewhere between the knowing and the not-knowing.

The one who knows understands why it is good and what they like or dislike.

In addition, the “comparison of virtue” in Confucianism also has some influence on the theme of Chinese gardens.

China’s classical gardens value much transferring emotion to the scenery, emotion interacting with the scenery, giving meanings to objects, and using objects to express virtues.


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