The Value Of College Education Essay

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The idea of beginning to earn money, and supporting oneself right after high school can be very appealing too. If this is not your first change in colleges, explain your reasons for the previous transfer.In such a situation, students often ask themselves:why stay in college? An evaluation of your college education to date and why your educational goals may be better served at Penn should be addressed.College degree prepares a student for the task ahead in the job industries and that is a major reason why most people work extremely hard to attain college degree so that they are able to get the kind of jobs that they desire.

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Tax payers contribute to the subsidy even though they may not have any children or they may have no probability of attending higher education institutions themselves.

I believe that it is fair and it is proper usage of tax revenues.

The biggest advantage of having a college degree is getting a better job and also to be the best in the competitive job market.

Most companies require their employees to have at least a four-year college degree and five years work experience in certain jobs they apply for before they are offered the jobs.

Students enrolled in the specific four years are respectively called freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years (Lucas......privileges.

Prisoners should not be made so comfortable that they forget the core reason of them being in prison.Educational qualification and the number of years completed at schools have become the most important yardstick needed for occupational attainment” (Yusuf).This connection between college education, especially the number of years spent in school, and better career opportunities has become a reality in most societies in which education is dearly valued......College Education With spiraling costs of college education, a lot of high school students feel discouraged about continuing into higher education.Living in a state, it would benefit to have all of the citizens to have the children of their state obtain a higher education degree........They think that after spending many years in the classrooms, studying theories and other impractical things, they would come out with having huge debts on their heads.For in tuition for colleges and universities is lower than for out-of-state students.There are loans, grants, and scholarships to help students afford a college education.In this modern age of business and economy, the demand for higher education has increased tremendously.Anyone who cares for a better future strives to attain a college degree in order to get their dream jobs.This essay will argue about the negative side of offering college education to prisoners (Chaneles 1).Tax payers’ money is used to finance the convict education and other services they receive.


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