The Souls Of Black Folk Analysis Essay

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His concepts include “the color-line”, “the veil”, and the “double consciousness” (Appelrouth and Edles, 269). In his conversation of what it means to be other he constructed and included three major concepts that continue to resonate till this day.Du Bois returns to an examination of rural African American life with a presentation of Dougherty County, Georgia as representative of life in the Southern Black Belt.

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" The Souls of Black Folk", is a collection of autobiographical and Washington's acceptance of segregation and his emphasis on material progress represent an "old attitude of adjustment and submission." Du Bois asserts that this policy has damaged African Americans by contributing to the loss of the vote, the loss of civil status, and the loss of aid for institutions of higher education.

In addition to these lasting concepts, Souls offers an evaluation of the progress of the races and the possibilities for future progress as the nation entered the twentieth century.

My hope is that the selected quotes before each bar of text tell us not only something of the tone which follows the chapter but also something of the tone of the music itself.

The best that can be hoped for without a piano is to look at the quotes and the chapter that follows in hopes that if the tone between those two matches then one would see the quote and the music match as well.

The veil seems to be a metaphor for the separation and invisibility of black life and existence in America.

It is also a major reoccurring theme in many books written about black life in America.The first chapter is called "Of Our Spiritual Strivings" and opens with a quote from Arthur Symons.There is a sense of tiredness in the Arthur Symons quote "O water, crying for rest, is it I, is it I?Although it is true how the notes are played would be as important as the order and which notes are played. It is clear that an accurate interpretation of the bars in The Souls of Black Folk would need to be informed by the tone of the chapter in which they appear. / All night long the water is crying to me." (Du Bois, 1994, p. ..things might change with the exercising of the black vote.1) There is also in the quote a sense of sadness in... From the fact that the tone of each chapter matches so well with the quote, it is safe to assume that the tone of each bar from the sorrow songs would stay true to that tone.According to Appelrouth and Edles (2012: 269) “the color line is both a preexisting social and cultural structure and an internalized attitude”.In addition, they explain that the color line “addresses the historical and institutional (i.e., colonial) dimensions of race” (269). Garry Rolison professed that when we think of Europe we normally think of whites and their resources which provide them with good living conditions (e.g., abundance of food and potable water).There is the theme of souls and their attainment of consciousness, the theme of double consciousness and the duality and bifurcation of black life and culture.One of Dubious the most outstanding themes is the idea of "the veil." The veil provides a connection between the fourteen seemingly independent essays that make up "The Souls of Black Folk".


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