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The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett The book, The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett, is about a little girl named Mary who discovers a garden that had been kept a secret for a very long time.After Mary became an orphan, she was forced to move in with her uncle, Mr.

The locked secret garden is totally dead in the beginning.

But when Mary starts planting flowers over there then the growth of garden seems like a magic. He feels transformation in his body and he learns to walk and starts to live like a normal ten-year-old boy.

When he is in the garden he feels alive and suddenly flowers begin to grow inside the garden.

Collin starts to breathe and feels his mom’s spirit in the garden. Craven came home he went into Collin’s room to show Collin pictures of his mom.

Craven, who is a very busy businessman and lives in a very big house.

At that time Mary was a depressed girl who disagreed with everybody and wanted to live in her own world.

The story of “The secret garden” is also full of magic.

The first magic in the story is the growth of the secret garden.

The film follows Mary Lennox (played by Kate Maberly), a British girl raised in India at the height of British colonialism.

The opening title sequence shows Mary as she is tended to by her nanny, spending more time with her nanny or alone, than with her parents.


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