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This course examines major issues of the indigenous cultures from the territories that were found by Europeans in 1492, became Spanish America for 300 years and were later called “Latin America.” In this course we explore the development of native societies of Latin America prior to 1492 and what happens with these societies in the next 500 years.Readings and discussions focus mainly on indigenous narratives.

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Shaffer crafted this work as an experience of “total theatre,” combining mask work, pantomime, dance, song, costume, setting, and verse to draw the viewer into a highly symbolic clash between worlds. Old Martin is a miserable, jaded landowner who narrates and comments upon the story, having made his fortune – and lost the brightest hopes of his heart – in Perú.

Although the play’s most stylized scenes (like the infamous Mime of the Great Ascent, in which the actors “climb the Andes” on stage) are replaced on film with realistic settings (with many scenes filmed on location in Spain and Perú), the movie is no more an action-packed adventure than the stage version. Once, the world could have had me for a petty farm, two rocky fields, and a Señor to my name. And his innocent, unspoilt self of forty years earlier, Young Martin– –is an active participant in the events we’re about to see.

The Spanish army answered with an ambush, slaughtering the unarmed Incas and capturing their ruler.

John Everett Millais, Pizarro Seizing the Inca of Peru, 1846.

Alonzo Chappel, Execution of the Inca of Peru by Pizarro.

Later, Pizarro’s page Pedro reported that the threat of attack had been a false rumour, and that Pizarro suffered greatly after discovering that Atahuallpa’s execution had been prompted by a mistake (2).However, the page may have written a deliberately sympathetic defense of Pizarro – his own relative – because Atahuallpa’s fate had set a dangerous precedent of regicide, an example that understandably displeased the Spanish King.Shaffer’s play follows this sequence of events, but it grants the ultimate victory in this sorry saga to Atahuallpa, who in death achieves a transcendent triumph that Shaffer compares deliberately to Christ’s crucifixion.The Inca forces stopped to rest just outside the town of Cajamarca, and there they encountered the Spanish newcomers.Atahuallpa agreed to meet Pizarro, and the next day entered Cajamarca’s plaza, accompanied by a large procession.The protagonist Pizarro is a vigorous, restless tragic hero, a mercenary fleeing his own inner emptiness by pushing himself ever-onward, chasing conflict after conflict with the telling exclamation of “forward!” And that conquering spirit is utterly broken when Pizarro unwittingly maneuvers himself into slaughtering the object of his love – arguably the first such affection he has known in an otherwise wretched and loveless life – only to find, through his loss, the very mystery he has always sought. Pizarro has taken over exposition duty from a character who’s more significant in the play: Martin Ruiz, who appears in the stage-play as two persons.This epic work, penned by an excessively talented playwright, was picked up by the newly-formed National Theatre and premiered onstage in 1964.Much like George Bernard Shaw’s The Dark Lady of the Sonnets, Royal Hunt uses historical characters and situations, but is not an accurate re-enactment of past events.Also, Oliver Cotton (Lord Owen of Clun) appeared as the soldier Diego de Trujillo in the original 1964 National Theatre production of the play and then played the priest Valverde in its 2006 revival.Like Ro S, this film depicts religious, political, and socioeconomic issues resulting from conquest.


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