The Question Of The Other Essays In Contemporary Continental Philosophy

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Aeon email newsletters are issued by the not-for-profit, registered charity Aeon Media Group Ltd (Australian Business Number 80 612 076 614).

Suppose that a short in the electrical system leads to a fire in my apartment.

It is perfectly sound to say that the short was “the” cause of the fire, indeed that’s likely what the police report would say.

One also has to have a number of other co-causes in place for it to happen — such as poor health and diet, which are in turn co-caused by poverty.

This, however, is not in the least a profound statement about the importance of holistic causality, but rather a trivial acknowledgement of what everyone ought to know.

But Laudan’s point was largely epistemic: he thought that one cannot arrive at a satisfactory definition of science (or pseudoscience) in terms of a small number of necessary and jointly sufficient conditions, and that one ought to stop using the generic label of “pseudoscience” and instead focus on the individual epistemic issues of specific claims made by homeopaths, parapsychologists and the like.

The Question Of The Other Essays In Contemporary Continental Philosophy Thesis College Application Essay

Even Laudan, however, was well aware of the fact that philosophy of science is (partly) inherently prescriptive, since that’s what distinguishes it from sociology and history of science: “Philosophers should not shirk from the formulation of a demarcation criterion merely because it has …

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I am a biologist and a philosopher of science, which puts me squarely into what in modern philosophical parlance is called the “analytic” tradition, tracing back to the works of Bertrand Russell, G. Despite some crossover, broadly speaking — and at the cost of a somewhat simplified summary — analytic philosophers tend to be very careful in their use of language and arguments, but also to write about increasingly less interesting minutiae.

Babich’s approvingly cites the writings of population geneticist Richard Lewontin (one of the major influences in my early career as a biologist, and an all-around decent fellow), and in particular his discussion of tuberculosis in his delightful Biology as Ideology.

Lewontin correctly points out that when we speak of the as “the” cause of the disease we are thinking in a rather narrow fashion.


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