The Persistence Of Memory Essay

The Persistence Of Memory Essay-5
Gogh is regarded as the most significant forerunner of Expressionism who exaggerated natural appearances to express the terrible passions of humans.

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This style of 'post-impressionist' sparkled in masterpieces like ' Self-Portrait' and ' Portrait of Pere Tanguy'.

Gogh's formal distortions as well as humanistic concerns made him a famous and pioneer of 20th century expressionism.

The focus of the paper is to make a comparison and highlight contrasts between Van Gogh's ' Starry Night' and Salvador Dali's ' Persistence of time'.

While Gogh's theme formed the basis of expressionism in twentieth century, Dali initially became a leader of the Surrealist movement and later on developed interests in psychology and science, both movements influencing their beliefs and formal approaches in distinctive ways.

Expressionism was an artistic movement that focused on expression of the experience by the artist.

The movement of expressionism traces its origins to the decade of 1880; however it did not transformed into a distinctive style until the year 1905.

Each factor impacts every person in a different way.

The painting shows a night sky in which stars ablaze with their luminescence, swirling clouds covering sky, and a bright crescent moon.

Van Gogh Vincent Van Gogh, the post-Impressionist artist, is the most famous and well-renowned of all modern Dutch painters.

He started painting in his last ten years of life, however failed to sell any of his nine hundred paintings during his life.


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