The Importance Of Being Bilingual. Essay

The Importance Of Being Bilingual. Essay-32
Individuals who are proficient in a foreign language can work as translators, diplomats, teachers, doctors, etc.Employing bilinguals also helps in exploring new avenues and pooling in new clients from around the word.Earning anywhere from 1.5 to 3.8 percent more annually may not seem like a lot, but by the end of your career it will add up.

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Their research also revealed that the age of onset of Alzheimer's is directly proportionate to the degree of bilingualism. Their temperament is generally adaptive and they can be more genial, as compared to single language speakers.

With increased familiarity of dialects, they find greater confidence and sense of self-esteem.

It is easier for bilingual children to detect rhyming words.

Their responses can also be equally fast in both the languages.➜ According to the renowned Canadian psychologist Ellen Bialystok, bilingual children are better at solving verbal and nonverbal problems that contain misleading and confusing aspects.➜ Bialystok's research also revealed that bilingual children were better at detecting grammatical errors and extracting words from continuous verbal sentences.➜ Bilingual children also fare better in reading and verbal skills as compared to monolingual children.➜ In her research paper, 'Reshaping the Mind: The Benefits of Bilingualism', Ellen Bialystok states that bilinguals outperform monolinguals in tasks based on applying executive control.➜ Research has suggested that elderly bilinguals have more cognitive control as compared to monolinguals.➜ According to a study by UCLA Professor Jared Diamond, children who grow up in a bilingual family have lesser chances of developing Alzheimer's disease.➜ In yet another study of Spanish-English bilinguals, scientists of the University of California found that they were more resistant to such diseases than their monolingual counterparts.

One way to help delay Alzheimer’s Disease is by leaning a second language and keeping the mind going.

Being bilingual also helps you earn more money than your colleagues too as well.Bilingual and multilingual employees can also help in training new members when the need arises.The biggest advantage of being bilingual is that the individual gets to be a part of two diverse communities without feeling excluded.Such people can think beyond labels, symbols, and language structure because their minds are not restrained to think in a single language.➜ While conversing with others, a bilingual will automatically switch to the language which is understood by the listener so as to ease the flow of communication.Whereas, monolinguals would be forced to converse in the only language they know.➜ Being bilingual has a positive effect on intellectual growth as well.“These days, more and more companies are going global, making connections with consumers, vendors, and clients all over the world.As a result, these companies are looking to hire employees who already have a leg up on other applicants.” (Hitchcock, 2017) If there are two candidates for the same position who have the same experience and skills but one of them can speak another language, it’s likely that the bilingual candidate will get the job, especially if the company is global or looking to go global in the future. Not only does knowing an additional language benefit the company you work for, but it also can benefit you in many ways from your health to your salary.Whereas, it can be extremely challenging for monolinguals to step out of their comfort zone and communicate with people who do not speak the same language as them.There is a growing desire for employees who can speak more than one language.When a company hires an employee who can speak more than one language, it gives the business an opportunity to expand.The business can now communicate with other businesses from foreign countries and can also communicate with potential clients and customers.


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