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Mellon Foundation to establish the International Consortium of Critical Theory Programs (ICCTP).

The task of this international consortium is to document, connect, and support the new and varied forms that critical theory has assumed in light of contemporary global challenges, including challenges to the university as an institution charged with the task of safeguarding and promoting critical thought.

| Over 50 Problem-Solving Strategies Explained These are helpful pointers from the University of New England on how to solve problems.

| P21’s Critical Thinking and Problem Solving List Links to critical-thinking and problem-solving resources and activities are gathered here by the Partnership for 21st Century Learning.

Including 17 lessons and all required teacher and student materials, this unit guides students in considering the overarching question: How should we respond to our changing Earth?

The ongoing critical challenge for students throughout the unit is to create a compelling multi-media “message to the world” to communicate powerful ideas and inspiring examples that will help us respond sustainably to our changing Earth.

This directory aims to foster international and interdisciplinary collaborations, connecting diverse initiatives across the globe.

Though it already includes more than 300 critical theory programs, centers, institutes, projects, summer programs, fellowships and archives, its listings are neither exhaustive nor definitive.


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