The Affliction Of An Essay On A Christian Perspective

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Christians in Africa should be aware that consulting the dead is one of the weapons demons can use to attack our faith.

They manipulate this and take control by deception.

This means that we should not always attribute evil to demons.

Above all it is important to stress that where demons are active they only operate under God’s sovereignty (Arnold, 19).

The bible clearly states Satan as the chief father of these demons, as the controller of spiritual forces of wickedness and as the “the god of this age” (2 Cor 4:4).

In 2 Peter 2:4, demons were removed from the presence of God and their activity are now restricted but this does not imply either that their influence has been removed from the world or they still exist and at work (Grudem 203).Convincingly, Kelly concludes that demons can use tempting techniques that includes unbelievers to seduce Christians from their faith (207).From this assertion one may conclude that Christians cannot be demon possessed although they can be tempted and be vulnerable to the powers of demons (Gehman, 190).For this reason African Christians must oppose them by every means possible.Knowing that Christ is sufficient to be our mediator and He is the only way to the father.More so, the bible constantly reminds us to be aware of their activities and giving us warnings about them (1 Peter 5:8).This suggests that demons are still in existence even today.This also shows that Satan and his spirits are behind many human sufferings and the destruction of Church but there is hope that all evil powers would be decisively crushed (Matthew ).However it is not always true that all evil and sin is by demonic powers since there are certain NT passages like Ephesians 2:3 and Romans that show some cases in which evil is from man’s actions rather than from demonic forces (Grudem, 190-421). The essay begins by looking at the origins of demons, their influence to the world and then how Christians should deal with demonic powers. In answering these questions the essay seeks to provide a biblical and theological response thereby establishing whether or not Christians have any reason to fear them.


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