Testing On Animals Persuasive Essay

While some contest the use of animals for animal testing it is not a new idea.Research tests conducted on living animals have been practiced since 500 BC.

Conversely the use of animals is seen by many in the medical field as necessary.

While it is not ideal to cause harm to animals it is a safer way to test new products compared to testing them on humans.

It is morally wrong to subject an animal that has no way of choosing something that is gruesome.

We cannot also ignore the pain that animals have to endure when undergoing these tests.

It is estimated that each year 26 million animals in the United States are used for animal testing.

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Animals are used to test scientific developments and commercial products.

Most researchers argue that the benefits of testing using animals is it helps the researchers to only test the products on humans after ensuring it is not risky.

It is true and very important that human trials should only be done after total safety has been guaranteed but the bone of contention is how this safety should be tested.

It is argued that animal testing saves many lives and there is no alternative to testing on a living organism.

In addition there are strict regulations for animal testing which prevent any mistreatment of the animals in question.


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