Testing Business Continuity Plans

Testing Business Continuity Plans-50
It also allows testers to determine the responses of groups and interdependent work among business areas and employees.

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This test can identify incomplete or inaccurate areas of the plan, pinpoint bottlenecks, and point out weaknesses that need to be remedied.

It also begins to assess interdependencies, resources, and timeframes that can be adjusted.

This testing process also allows for simulated communication to determine if those strategies are timely, accurate, and useful in conveying necessary information that can be used to assess outcomes and make decisions.

Such a test can be resource-intensive and be disruptive to day-to-day business activities.

A completed business continuity plan gives your company the tools it needs to anticipate, remediate, and respond to risk effectively.

The plan ensures that the enterprise and its customers will remain operational with minimal to no loss of continuity or threat to operations. The next step is to ensure your business continuity management plan is sound, practical, and usable.This facilitated discussion uses a scenario to test the plan’s efficacy.A mock scenario is described, allowing staff to determine appropriate actions, responsibilities, responses, and decisions that would need to be made if real.That is why business continuity plan testing is so important.Do you know how to test your business continuity plan?The discussion focuses on the content and layout of the plan and can determine if key players understand the plan and are aware of its components and their roles.It is a quick way to determine if there are discrepancies or oversights that can be easily corrected.The testing program has become a key focus of banking supervisors, in light of recent, catastrophic events, and has received heightened attention within the financial services industry because such a program can be used to validate the viability of the BCP.As such, there are various principles that should be followed by financial institutions when developing a testing program.Will the organization stay afloat in the midst of such a crisis?Any amount of disruption costs your business money and can destroy customer relations.


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