Terrorism And Religion Research Paper

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Another question that is inevitably raised during studying terrorism is the balance between personal space and private data and safety of the society.The governments may implement more and more strict laws using fighting the terrorists as cause, but it may lead to almost totalitarian regimes where the basic human rights of the citizens are suppressed.

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For example, both Muslim and Christian communities are debating what kinds of political statements can be made based on the religion.” Vuola also brings up another European phenomenon which has its roots far beyond the refugee crisis.

“We are currently focused on Islamic terrorism, which is understandable, but at the same time, we are losing sight of the fact that within and on the outskirts of what we consider to be our secular continent there is a powerful upsurge in the connection between religion and nationalism.

She points to a report issued by the MI5 in 2008, according to which radicalised people had three things in common: they were young, male, and had a poor understanding of their own religion.

This means that while they justified their extremist violence with Islam, their actual understanding of the religion was rudimentary at best.

“If we look beyond our present moment, religious radicalism, or radicalism justified with religion, has always existed,” she notes.

This is to say that contemporary discussion of religious extremism should not be restricted to Islam.Even Anders Behring Breivik cited Christianity in his manifesto for a “white Norway”.“It is essential to maintain and increase religious education and literacy.Sure, almost everyone of us will say “no”, but even nowadays there are a few totalitarian regimes that are so horrible that knowing of them may make even the purest souls doubt.​Religion plays a role in some of the most repeated conflict zones of the world, and religious conflicts constitute increasing share of violent conflicts today.This is because she believes religions are particularly prone to being harnessed to political ideologies.“Researchers should inform the public and the media of different kinds of religious traditions, of their culture-specific interpretations and the question of who has the power to make these interpretations.Similarly, the civil rights movement in the United States, which was led by Reverend Martin Luther King, was quite radical,” Vuola points out.A central issue is whether the movement justifies violence.“You could call Martin Luther a kind of religious radical of his time.And in Latin America, for example, religion has often been linked with radical political action.


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