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All three buildings are designed according to the specific local light characteristics, where large, bright and diffuse cloud cover is particularly dominant.

All three buildings are designed according to the specific local light characteristics, where large, bright and diffuse cloud cover is particularly dominant.

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And does Nordic architecture in fact relate specifically to the Nordic light?

Based on these questions, the dissertation will focus on the following issue: .

However, as EBD tends as a methodological approach to keep the architectural framework e.g.

patient bed rooms as a constant instead of a variable, very little information is gained about the possible effect of the architectural design itself.

Furthermore, as EBD tends to concentrate on physical causes and physiological effects, while disregarding the physiological processes that mediate the demonstrated effects, it often becomes rather difficult to generalize from the results.

On the other hand, a couple of medical researchers have presented ideas about how architecture might influence healing and promote health.Using a closed room versus a room with openings, it is shown that differences can be measured in secretion of the hormone cortisol, which is a stress hormone as well as an immune regulatory hormone, but no differences can be measured in the reaction of the other stress effector system, the sympathetic nervous system.Thus, an understanding of how systematical variations in architecture through a welldefined physiological mechanism can influence health, healing and well-being is successfully established.In the fourth and final main section, the dissertation juxtaposes the results of the previous studies and discusses how the architects work in relation to the Nordic light.Relationship between cloud cover and light intensity.Therefore, this dissertation aims at pointing to the opportunities provided by daylight apertures to interact with the Nordic light. thesis is available here In recent years, there has been a growing conception that the architectural design of hospitals can help to promote healing processes among patients.This means that the Nordic daylight aperture is not designed within a particular mode of expression or style, but rather it is designed in its own special way in order to relate to the light. These ideas have come from two relatively independent sources, namely Evidence Based Design (EBD) and the writings of individual medical researchers.The first main section makes use of many different statements in order to describe the understanding of the term Nordic.The second section on Light Characteristics makes use of meteorology as a method to identify the characteristics of the Nordic light.The three examples illustrate how careful architectural modelling of the Nordic daylight can support a room’s function while also allowing the room to be perceived as atmospheric, intimate and inviting to its users.This means that the best Nordic architect is often occupied with how to design the daylight apertures in a Nordic context.


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