Telstra Business Phone Plans

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To be fair, we're only a few weeks into the roll out period and Telstra has said that more areas will open up by June 30.

That being said, let's hope that coverage will improve dramatically over the next year so the trial period will be worth it.

If you choose to add a phone to the plan the repayments will be added to the plan and can be paid off over 24 or 36 months.

The cost of that will depend upon which phone you choose, but it should be really easy to see how much it will cost per month now with the new standardised plans.

You will also need a 5G compatible device for this and it will only work in 5G activated areas.

Our own tests of 5G across multiple devices have been mixed so far.Update pm: Telstra has confirmed that roaming will now be available exclusively through its day pass in select countries.As for international calls and texts, customers will be able to add on an international package for a month which will work with the following countries: Canada, China, Germany, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, U. For all other countries, or without the add-on package, customers will be charged pay-as-you-go fees.Telstra and Optus might not be the cheapest mobile providers around, but their plans come with a surprising number of perks and bonuses that the telcos don't always do a great job of highlighting.After all, huge data allowances tend to sound far sexier than cheap movie tickets. So if you've got a plan with Telstra or Optus, or if you're considering a new one with one of these two, here's a look at the freebies you're entitled to.Read more Big T just completely changed how its plans work.It is now moving exclusively to month-to-month plans with no lock in contracts.And they will be available for handset-based plans, as well as when you BYO Phone. No more leasing plans, no more 9 Unlimited data plan and a base line of 15GB a month instead of 3GB.Telstra was hinting at simplifying its offering, and going from roughly 1,800 plans down to 20 across personal and business certainly has done that.Do you need a basic Telstra phone plan for your Sunshine Coast business? A plan that gives you greater certainty over costs?Whatever your Telstra needs Tele2 have a business plan for you.


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