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His childhood has been described as “difficult,” with “strained” relationships with his mother and stepfather (Jenkins, n.d., p. The main reason for his strained relationship with his mother was that he was born out of wedlock; at the time and in his mother’s social and cultural milieu the pregnancy brought great shame upon the family (“Ted Bundy Biography,” n.d.).

Bundy’s mother, Eleanor Cowell, had “deeply religious parents” who forced her to give birth inside an institution called the Elizabeth Lund Home for Unwed Mothers (“Ted Bundy Biography,” n.d., p. After he was born, Ted’s grandparents pretended to have adopted him.

Bundy wanted to impress her but felt out of her league.

He worked minimum wage jobs like bagging groceries and did not indicate any ambition for a future career.

Bundy broke into homes and stole cars, but his juvenile criminal record would be expunged when he turned 18.

After graduating high school in 1965, Bundy went on to college.Bundy took some time off school and traveled around the country, even taking some classes at Temple University before eventually returning to the University of Washington to complete his degree.Bundy graduated from the University of Washington in 1972, ironically with a degree in psychology. Bundy was accepted into a law school in Utah and worked in political campaigns to gain experience.He had few friends and did not seem interested in close connections with his family members either.Eleanor and Johnnie had four children together, which may have exacerbated Ted’s feelings of isolation.By 1973, Bundy was working as the assistant to Ross Davis, Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party.At this time in his life, Bundy seemed to have overcome some of his psychological problems.He had a new girlfriend named Elizabeth Kendall, who later wrote a book about her relationship with Ted Bundy entitled The Phantom Prince: My Life with Ted Bundy.She describes Bundy during this time of his life as being “confident,” as if he had totally turned over a new leaf (Montaldo, 2019, p. It was also around this very same time that women in the Seattle area, where Bundy lived, started to go missing.An examination of Bundy’s past, his predilections, and his upbringing may provide some clues to recognizing the traits that cause some individuals to have a proclivity towards violence.However, the media has also aggrandized Bundy, making him far more famous than his victims.


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