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No matter what you are doing, you will probably be better off if you are doing it more competently.However, you can’t make someone more competent just by giving them something like knowledge -- there is no magical competency pill. Career management One of the first changes we made to this list at Penn was to integrate the idea of applying information technology into the other competencies rather than having it stand alone.In the anxious years since 9/11, surveillance has become one of the essential infrastructures for 21st-century social life, commerce, and government.

We might want a smart refrigerator to order milk when we run out, but might not want the Internet of Things to listen to everything in our “smart home,” especially when we have a family crisis unfolding, such as a teenager dealing with drug addiction or a pregnancy scare.

We might like taking nature photos with our own small drone, but wince when laws don’t prevent a creepy neighbor from flying his drone over our teenager’s backyard pool party.

You may not have been asked this specific question in a job interview.

But fundamentally all interview questions are trying to help the interviewer to define your career competence.

You can view the NACE competencies here and read about how these competencies were developed through an interactive process involving both career services professionals and human resources/recruiting staff at more than 600 different employers.

As such, they represent both what career services professionals should be helping graduate students and postdocs achieve (or at least talk about effectively), and what employers are broadly looking for in some of their ideal candidates. They give people professional development goals to work towards.

Nor have we figured out whether surveillance will really make us safer, happier, or healthier.

Such questions are sometimes difficult to answer because the technology is moving so much faster than our ability to make sense of it.

They help students and postdocs understand that it takes a wide diversity of skills to be successful in any work situation.

They demonstrate that there are always news skills to be learned and new situations in which to apply pre-existing skills.


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