Technology Friend Or Foe Essay

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Even though some would argue that there is no way that machines would get to the level of human abilities in their peak, there is a possibility that in time, they will be able to hold the fort as well as any human being by carrying out the various tasks of the human being and then advance to reactive performance based on the historical collection of scientific meta which will enable logical action, intel, (2017).What this means is that the causative philosophy states that, “any type of knowledge results from a historically contingent and socially built consensus,” (Meyers R.On the other hand, there are concerns that the advent of AI into the various sectors will lead to a “human clone” and the religious will claim that to be an act of “playing God.” There are also concerns over the impact of technologically advanced tools in the wrong hands.

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With a smarter machine industry, there is room for newer and more improved technologies as there is less labouring over routine activities.

When a machine has been programmed, it is able to further the task goals and this it would do with a considerably higher speed therefore leaving room for the human being to try out other tasks and technologies, (intel, 2017).

At the same time, the emotional and psychological impact of playing them depends heavily on a child's age, their cognitive development, emotional maturity and other factors, so limiting access to some degree - and carefully monitoring consumption - is equally important. By understanding the benefits, you can help your child take better advantage of them.

A very pleasant side-effect of many video games is that their back stories are often very well thought out and engaging.

This will lead to rampant unemployment and many families may suffer economically. Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 119(853), pp.318-336.

Such are the concerns of many so that the advent of a technologically advanced era always faces much resistance to implement because several people would be affected negatively.

There's no doubt about it - video games are a permanent fixture of modern life.

As such, they have both positive and negative consequences for those who play them.

On the other hand, the machine is a non-stop-keep-going mechanism which means that there is more production and increased efficiency.

While experiments are still underway for several technical advancements, risk is rife for some dangerous feats of these experiments. Encyclopedia of sustainability science and technology.


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