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saying you agree but then having an essay where nearly all of it disagrees would not make sense).A typical way to answer this question would be to choose whether you think earlier or more recent developments are more influential, than explain why in your essay. Let's say you think it is not a matter of comparing old with new - rather you think some earlier ones are more influential, but some older ones are more influential.For instance, there is the phone, which was a significant development when invented helping many people.

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There is a Task 2 Lesson on tackling this topic already, so please check it out if you want more guidance on understanding the question and making sure you answer it fully.

Candidates often think that they have to give an opinion that will satisfy the examiner.

Albert Einstein was concerned about the advancement of technology.

"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction."1 Undoubtedly, what has changed the most are communication, the spread of information, and how business is practiced.

This has had incredible impacts on the way people Iive their lives with people using phones for so many everyday activities and for connecting around the world.

In conclusion, I would argue that although some older technological developments are important, some new ones are too.

After the Chernobyl’s and Three Miles’s accidents, the relation between technology and risk started to be questioned.

Social scientist posited considerable criticism against technology and how its interventions may engender new dangers.

Devices such as washing machines, fridges and freezers, central heating, microwaves and televisions were invented many years ago, and now nearly every household has all or some of these in their home, making life much easier.

Though they have been improved over time, they still carry out much the same purpose as when they were first invented. Despite the fact that there have been ground-breaking recent medical developments, such as that connected to research into genes and stem cells, the benefits to the average person are still many years away.


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