Teamwork Problem Solving

It also gets things moving forward, fostering a free flow of ideas and generating involvement.

Your hypothesis requires analysis that either confirms or disproves it and becomes part of the theory or grows to become the problem itself.

Unfortunately, where to begin or what system to use is one of the problems.

While understanding how to utilize successful models and past experiences is vital, finding the right people and forming dynamic teams is essential.

Structure helps you layout all the information clearly, then prioritize your options.

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Most complex problems can be summarized into groups of smaller problems, which can be solved individually.

Make some assumptions first then see if you can prove them.

This provides your team with direction that leads to asking the right questions and performing the correct examination.

Each top section represents a specific section then branches off into other subsections, which further lead downward.

This keeps all the elements properly categorized and helps you organize your data.


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