Team Building Case Studies

Team Building Case Studies-77
How do you deal constructively with the ‘graveyard shift’?

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Critical pieces were omitted on purpose and, just as the frustration hit a fever pitch, two helicopters swept above the sand to the blaring sound of “Ride of the Valkyries” and dropped the missing pieces into the surf.

Each team succeeded in building a boat, and each boat was in fact seaworthy. But it also aided in personal development, in accomplishing what seemed to be an impossible task through thoughtful problem solving and personal interaction.

To strengthen the team’s ability to work successfully together, communicate and be productive, the company hired a professional Coach.

Cornelia started with the assessment of each team member’s PI (Predictive Index).

The next exercise was a team building session with all members.

Team Building Case Studies Essays On Racism In Heart Of Darkness

They were asked questions like: Cornelia showed the team analysis and explained how different, and sometimes similar, styles create strengths and opportunities, while they can also cause tensions or miscommunications.

A major furniture manufacturing company asked us to create a unique and memorable team building challenge for 400 of their independent dealer sales representatives with a surprise element.

Their independent reps are in different regions of the US and Canada so we created a team competition representing each region and corporate.

She analyzed the results, and got a clear picture of each person’s motivating needs, how each person communicates, delegates and makes decisions.

Cornelia could also see the potential stress points in the differences and similarities of the team members.


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