Teaching Critical Thinking Through Art History In High School

Today I’m sharing a simple activity you can use with your youngest students to begin to develop their critical thinkings skills.

They may have never seen anything like what you’re showing them.

They may be looking at a real piece of pottery for the first time ever. Using the questions from the handout below, guide the students through an organic discussion led by their ideas and reactions.

3 Amazing Women from Art History You Need to Know How to Deal with the Idea of Appropriation in the Art Room A Surefire Way to Make Art History Less Boring 20 Contemporary Artists You Will Love to Teach (Ep.

We all know that Critical Thinking is a vital 21st Century Skill for our students.

Select and use evidence/information effectively in conducting a comprehensive analysis of the issue/problem 3.

Analyze context, assumptions and perspectives when presenting a position on an issue/problem 4.

Formulate a thesis/hypothesis that takes into account the complexity of an issue/problem and the variety of perspectives on this issue 5.

Drawi logical conclusions and implications from the analysis of an issue/problem FSU has adopted a university-wide curriculum initiative to help students apply critical thinking within their discipline.

This could be a painting you’ve done (don’t tell them!

), a piece of work done by a high school student in your district, or something you have hanging in your home.


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