Teaching Critical Thinking In Public Schools

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The Republican Party platform gets worse when it comes to prohibiting thinking critically about science or the scientific method.In spite of the fact that the board of IDEA is filled with Wall Street banking interests, IDEA says it works to assure students get what they call a “core curriculum.” Critical thinking is never mentioned in the IDEA core curriculum – let alone entertained in IDEA classrooms, either by faculty or students; instead, IDEA is devoted to turning education into a commodity, students into customers mounted with saddlebags for tax funds that subsidize IDEA and turn schools into fortresses of profit.According to IDEA’s online blurb, the company is all about growth and expansion using taxpayer monies to grease the wheel: “In addition to its exemplary academic achievement, IDEA is moving forward with growth and expansion efforts to help serve more students throughout the Valley and Central Texas.Teachers and students should be able to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of these theories openly and without fear of retribution or discrimination of any kind.Alternative beliefs such as creationism are now cleverly invited into the curriculum as so-called science or theories to debunk the purportedly false notions of the theory of evolution.All of this can be seen as part and parcel of the emerging Age of Irrationality, the hemorrhaging of a post-literate society where reason is abdicated in favor of irrationality and appeals to supernaturalism.The sad part is that all of this is now encouraged, by forces bent on enslaving the minds of children, as the new “curriculum circus” in schools.Keeping with the Republican platform, they promise to make obedience training and anti-intellectualism the cornerstone and foundation of education in Texas, to the detriment of students and society.The Age of Irrationality and the Abdication of Reason In the case of the Texas Republican Party, they have really upped the stakes.But if critical thinking is not to be used in the classroom, how would these beliefs be examined for evidence?Science, the scientific method, critical thinking and the process of subjecting claims to evidentiary experimentation – all related activities – pose a threat to self-proclaimed power and the harbingers of supernaturalism.


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