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Salary: Per SEA Contract Application Procedures: Online application is required.

Salary: Per SEA Contract Application Procedures: Online application is required.Internal Applicants: Please paste a cover letter (summarizing your interest in and qualifications for the position) and resume in the comments section of the Internal Application.

Are they entitled to any consideration for past service in terms of tenure and seniority?

Our school district has an “attendance reporting" position that does not require the expertise of a teacher with School Attendance Teacher certification.

A teacher who had been providing instructional support services (and not accruing seniority in an authorized tenure area) was laid off prior to this Regents action.

Does this teacher have any rights under the new rule/regulation to seniority in a proper tenure area and/or bumping rights for this past service?

In addition, be prepared to provide a cover letter, resume, and two letters of reference to the interview committee.

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District Superintendents; Superintendents of Public Schools; Superintendents of State-Operated and State-Supported Schools; School Personnel Administrators; New York State Council of School Superintendents (NYSCOSS); School Administrators Association of New York State (SAANYS); New York State United Teachers; New York State School Boards Association (NYSSBA); Big 5 Conference; Other Interested Parties Instructional support services are those services that provide support to school personnel through training workshops, study groups, demonstration lessons, mentoring, modeling of instruction, presiding over CSE/CPSE meetings and related functions, coaching, and similar services.They include providing technical assistance on the development, delivery, and assessment of programs in specific content areas; providing information on best practices and current research; making curriculum resources available; supporting a culture of reflective practice; assisting teachers in analyzing student performance data; providing technical assistance on technology tools to extend and support student learning, and a host of other such services.Job titles vary widely and include, but are not limited to, teacher trainer, curriculum development specialist, subject coach, professional development specialist, and CSE/CPSE chairpersons.To be considered an instructional support service position, the duties must be focused on teaching classroom teachers how technology tools may be integrated into the teacher’s instructional practices to improve student learning.A teacher assisting K-12 students in using technology tools as part of the student’s classroom work would also be performing instructional support services duties. Individuals employed by a school district or BOCES as of 5/1/09 who have been performing instructional support services, as well as individuals hired or assigned to perform instructional support services after 5/1/09, are affected by the Regents action.The chart in Attachment A to this field guidance memo explains how individuals in these two major categories are affected.If a teacher who previously spent a substantial portion of time performing instructional support services has since left employment in our district, are they covered by this action?The definition of instructional support services includes providing “technical assistance on technology tools to extend and support student learning".Does this include anyone with technical expertise in computers who helps teachers? It is not the technical expertise alone that is important.General Statement: The Teacher on Special Assignment for K-12 Curriculum are responsible for supporting the Director of Curriculum & Instruction in the development, implementation and curriculum renewal process.The position requires the creation of professional development as it relates to the subject area, the development of systems for sharing curriculum across the district, and the creation of model lessons for key subject areas.


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