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So, ...) a) What tips can you share for grading writing quickly and fairly and consistently? Any student who shows me a better format and uses it consistently will have their format accepted.

So, ...) a) What tips can you share for grading writing quickly and fairly and consistently? Any student who shows me a better format and uses it consistently will have their format accepted.

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Teachers need to take some account of the way this load varies. It fosters cooperative learning and a bit of responsibility on the shoulder of students to explain their reasons for their answers and to ask questions on their own. Laura Kimoto ====================== 96/03 From- Subject: Re: correcting homework Here is another way: Once a quick eye check has been done to verify that the HW has indeed been completed, send as many volunteers to the board as there are questions to check.

This said, I would agree with Vincent Morissette's stand on the need for students to do the work as required. Then they can ask questions about any disagreements. have an answer key posted on your office door or on a transparency. They write up one answer each, at the same time.(This may mean 10 people at the board.

Other children receive extensive help from parents, or from people that their parents hire to help them.

Unless we are aware of such problems, and are capable of taking them into account, it is difficult to justify including homework marks in the final grade.

In one, they write the answer to the warm-up, in the second they write the homework assignment (these are 8th graders, they don't remember) and in the third I use rubber stamps to check if the homework is completed.

While they are doing the warm-up, I walk around the room and stamp the weekly sheets. Paper Load and Organization Tips Subject: homework grades Re: homework grades: I teach in a middle school.Otherwise, they must use the format I have suggested.One of the things I like best is that I have time to do all the things I have put off during the year because I had papers to grade and lessons to plan and activities to develop. I check to see that they have entered each days assignment and that they have made corrections, as needed. If they have corrected the assignment, they receive the entire 25 points.Fact is, high school was easy for me as a student, and I got A's without doing much homework. If they have errors -- assuming we went over the assignment in class --I deduct a full grade for each error, so that days assignment would be worth 21 or 22 points.What FL teacher worth any salt at all cannot identify with Mary Young's letter here below? Each day they fill in their assignments using this format.(Well, perhaps the "young sprouts" among us don't appreciate the air conditioner as much as those who have put a decade or two in the classroom, but ....) Quite a few talented and helpful people have written about homework and the paper load problem in FLTeach. If written work is part of the assignment, they will attach the written work to the assignment sheet.(I teach 5 high school classes, levels 1 to 3-4/AP, like many of you) a) How much can I realistically have students correct in class? 2) How do you grade writing papers (stories, scripts, essays,...) (I have such a hard time grading writing--I'm overly "nurturing" and *hate* to dock them a lot of points, and I agonize over which letter grade [or points] to assign. After a short time, students realize that they must correct their work diligently.I believe in rubrics, but I keep finding reasons to give them credit for something not on the rubric. Also, it forces those students who are not organized, to become better organized.Yes, some enjoy it and others complain, c'est la vie!We continue the language into 7th and 8th grades and I continue to give each level about 3 days of homework each week. Gloria Manuel ====================== 96/08 From- Subject: Re: HOMEWORK I teach an exploratory class, so this might have to be modified somewhat for other levels. Since I have some sort of warm-up exercise each day, I have three spaces for each day of the week.


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