Task Assignment

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In the case of other task changes, the owner is not noticed and he has to ask the solver of the task.

There are functions for the partial supervision in Outlook that can help to know what is happening with the task.

With the proliferation of computation-extensive and latency-critical applications in the 5G and beyond networks, mobile-edge computing (MEC) or fog computing, which provides cloud-like computation and/or storage capabilities at the network edge, is envisioned to reduce computation latency as well as to conserve energy for wireless devices (WDs).

This paper studies a novel device-to-device (D2D)-enabled multi-helper MEC system, in which a local user solicits its nearby WDs serving as helpers for cooperative computation.

Keep in mind that if you assign a task to an email address which is not a Flokzu user, and the Interaction with external participants feature is not enabled, the system won’t find a user to assign the task to and it will be assigned to the Administrator.

For the case in which you want to achieve dynamic assignation through form fields, instead of selecting a user or role in the Assignees tab, you should select a field (simple or multi-select combo box or email).

Fill Company, Contact and Superior Item Names Into Outlook's Task User Fields function can caused that you will receive more than one notification e-mail.

Tasks can be assigned to multiple persons but it is not recommended in the case that tasks are related with the items in e Way-CRM.

We assume a time division multiple access (TDMA) transmission protocol, under which the local user offloads the tasks to multiple helpers and downloads the results from them over orthogonal pre-scheduled time slots.

Under this setup, we minimize the computation latency by optimizing the local user's task assignment jointly with the time and rate for task offloading and results downloading, as well as the computation frequency for task execution, subject to individual energy and computation capacity constraints at the local user and the helpers.


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