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"Systems thinking is a discipline for seeing wholes.

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This could still take a really long time, but you are guaranteed to find the right solution eventually.

Usually though, we don't have time to try every possible solution, so a more common method of solving problems is to use some sort of heuristic.

As you can probably tell, that approach would take forever.

And with trial and error, you're not necessarily keeping track of what you've already done, so you could get lucky and hit on the right password early, or it could take a very, very long time.

- [Narrator] What's the best route to your new job? You may not even realize it, but you are an excellent problem solver.

Each of these questions represents a problem that we sometimes face.Since heuristics are so common, let's talk about a few different ones that work for different types of problems. This heuristic means that we analyze the main problem and break it down into smaller problems.Then we attack the biggest subproblem in order to reduce the most difference between our current state and the goal state.A heuristic is a mental shortcut that allows us to find a solution more quickly than the other two methods we've talked about so far.For example, you probably made a password out of familiar number combinations, so you might try something that includes your birthday or something else that stands out in your mind.With working backwards however, you start with your goal state and use it to suggest connections back to your current state.This strategy is commonly used in mathematical proofs.Well-defined problems have a clear starting and ending point, such as how to make it bright in a room that's currently dark.You know exactly what you're starting with and exactly how you wanna end up.You know that the password is eight numbers long, but you don't remember what it is.If you're using the trial and error method of problem-solving, then you would just try any random combination of letters and numbers until something works.


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