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Food truck business offers a great way for the expansion of existing restaurant sales.

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Online orders will also be used where customers can make online orders through their mobile phones.

Since the original owner of the restaurant used to have only one supplier, we intend to have several of them so has to increase the supplies. The Food Truck Business The Food Truck Business New concept Changes within the food industry focus on maximizing sales and profitsfor a restaurant business.

In this light, a Smoothies Food Truck is guaranteed of success as the direct customer service promotes exchange of information for improvement of services. Swot Analysis: Idea, Methodology and a Practical Approach. has patented leading edge customer care technology. The huge range of activities brings a risk of the company being overstretched and losing focus.

There are potential quality control problems with so many partnerships.

Task: SWOT analysis (Food Truck) Any business idea within the confines of social, economic, legal and analytical requirementsstand a chance of weathering through the dynamic business environment (Pahl and Anne 21).

A Smoothies Food Truck business has various opportunities, which if well exploited guarantees not only a market share, but a magnanimous competitive advantage.Uniform and direct customer servicea Smoothies Food Truck targets customers of all ages while giving personalised services. Section/# Scooters Business Plan: A SWOT Analysis This particular analysis will undertake to effectively measure the business plan of University Scooters with respect to its overall level and scope of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (better known as a SWOT analysis).The opportunity allows for feedback and flexibility of operations. As such, the plan has been broken down to be analyzed upon these 4 contingent areas as follows: Strengths With respect to overall strength of the business plan, the target market is a perfect segment for such an offering as the target demographic and need both exist in ample supply based upon the demographic information provided in the analysis. Based on facts presented in the case, perform a SWOT/TOWS analysis on SWOT Analysis: Strengths has the great advantage of being a market leader. It has relatively low running costs because it does not maintain any shops.However, SWOT analysis has severe limitations that make it not effective in complex strategy developments.To start with, SWOT analysis is restricted to those factors that can either be identified as either strengths or weakness (in the internal environment). Economic Kogi BBQ delivered a wide variety of authentic, quality, delicious, creative dishes at lower prices with high-end restaurant prices (Brindley, 2015).Opportunities The market for new electronic and software products is still growing, with new products arriving all the time. Running head: SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT Analysis Sumptuous Cuisine Catering was established in 2005 to operate a catering kitchen and to provide specialized catering services and high end events in the Doeureville region.The company eventually specialized in event management with the provision of specific services such as space design and decor, floral designs, alcohol beverage service and music and DJs.Technological Kogi BBQ capitalized on the significant power of social media to market its products.The company hired young technology gurus to constantly update potential customers on the where about of the trucks via Twitter (Brindley, 2015). Other customers included those who came regularly came for lunch.After careful analysis we realized that most of the restaurant restaurants do not sell Caribbean food and this made us to start serving this food.


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